Do Christians over-spiritualise things?


Simply put, the act of ‘over’-spiritualising is the placing a greater spiritual significance on something than you should.

Supernatural is something that can’t often be explained. For example, having such a powerful dream too difficult to put into words. Only the dreams and things that we have experienced can only truly be explained through our own words.

One person in the meeting spoke about a real life experience, on the way to school:


“I was running for my train and had to sprint down 2 sets of stairs and rather than missing one step, I missed about 12! I landed perfectly on my two feet at the bottom of the stairs and caught my train. The feeling of jumping and missing all of those steps can only be explained as spiritual.”

Another person in the meeting spoke about a dream feeling real:

“I was constantly being told to wake up, again and again, and when I did wake up, someone actually needed my help urgently at that very moment.”

Some people say that over spiritualising can be a bad thing:

  • One of the problems with over-spiritualising is that you can forget the real meaning of the thing you are over-spiritualising. An example that might be controversial  is the ceremony of foot washing. The Gospel of John shows how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (John 13:1-15). In the ultimate display of humility, He, the only clean one, lowered himself down to clean those who are dirty. He then asked his disciples to also do the same (John 13:14-15).


  • Many people make foot washing into a formal ceremony, where in the church, deacons bring out buckets of water and people line up to perform this sacred ceremony of washing feet. None of this is bad or sin, but one could feel it can obscure the deeper meaning to what Jesus said. Over-spiritualising can cause people to view this whole passage as a sacred set of instructions for a religious ceremony, not a deep teaching about humility.

Sometimes we over-spiritualise things as a defence mechanism:

“I don’t need to search for jobs because I know God will provide for me!”

“I will not take these pills for my illness because I know I am healed in the name of Jesus!”

 These are very controversial points and we spoke about this in depth in the meeting, which eventually led to the essence of faith. Your faith has to be STRONG in order to say such strong statements.

Some of us said that if your faith isn’t strong enough to pull you through situations, be proactive in applying for those jobs, and take those pills if you’re ill!


Sometimes we overspiritualise without faith and action. They work hand in hand, and we have to be truthful in our word if we believe in the word of God.

“Sometimes, you have to fight towards your blessing. And that’s not a bad thing! Look at how Jacob fought and the blessings he received.”

It’s a beautiful and special feeling to be spirit-filled, but we have to match it with faith, humility, and to be attentive; knowing that not everything we experience is directly spiritual.

Thanks for reading! #A4C

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Hannah Ajala

An explorer and journalist who loves finding new ways of telling stories in a way that will attract audiences that are often misrepresented. Happy to connect with other creatives too!

One thought on “Do Christians over-spiritualise things?”

  1. I think some Christian do over spiritualise, I call them holy sanctimonious christian. Solely because they seem to be the only ones that know scripture the only one that can pray and the only ones that do not sin and because of this they are blinded to the fact that when they do things or say things they are over doing it. Bible tells us that we should work on our own salvation with fear and trembling. That does not mean lose sight of reality, when you over spritualise things how then can you prosper. The bible is really straight forward and direct it teaches you the way to live life hence the acronym B.I.B.L.E Basic instructions Before Leaving Earth. When you have a relationship with Christ tge bible become a tool you can use to live life to the fullest. But when you became over spiritual which i believe is religion then the bible for that individual become a story book that is taken far and beyond.

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