How did Blazing go?

Our annual youth week was one where each of our 9 youth leaders were fully involved in the planning and organising of each of our meetings.

We were so glad to see people also come from the outside to join us in discussion, and fellowship..

God bless each of you who joined us throughout Blazing!

People praying and worshipping together at our Tuesday prayer meeting – great way to start our blazing week!

The youth leaders and one of our guest speakers, Gynelle, at ladies of excellence and men of vision meeting.

So much fruitful word spoken among the women at ladies of excellence tea party

We then pre prepared questions for men of vision, pictured below, to have a discussion based on our thoughts.

It built very strong and thoughtful discussion!

And to mark the end of a fantastic blazing week we all got down in our sporty gear and had a sports day and BBQ!

So much fun!

Roll on next year!

God bless all who came.


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Hannah Ajala

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