Can I be Christian and materialistic?

“When it comes down to it, I know that the promises of the mall are false, because I’ve been given another set of promises: God’s promises.

The mall tells me new clothes can make me more attractive, more acceptable to others…

But God promises that I’m his wonderful creation (Psalm 139:14). Nothing I buy can improve on what he’s created.”

An eye-opening read which inspired the topic for this meeting.

How would you define the word ‘materialistic’?

  • A culture of things that we buy into
  • Something that we place great importance over
  • Or the dictionary definition: a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.

There are people who become materialistic for very strong reasons; to seek acceptance from the world or for general comfort and because they can afford to buy it and know that whatever they but doesn’t define who they are.

It’s important to ask ourselves which category do we ourselves fall into. Are we comfortable in our own skin? Do we follow worldly trends or Godly trends?

And in terms of placing greater importance over things – although it happens to a lot of us, it’s super important to do things in moderation.

Put that phone down for a moment and get on with your to-do list!

The more time you spend finishing that series on Netflix, the less time you’ll have to tidy your room.

Missing church because your favourite football match are playing on TV? Now we definitely know what matters most.
Priorities guys, let’s put them all in check as much as we can!

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Hannah Ajala

An explorer and journalist who loves finding new ways of telling stories in a way that will attract audiences that are often misrepresented. Happy to connect with other creatives too!

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