Who are our youth leaders?










What has A4C got planned for 2017?

Happy new year! [It’s still January so it’s still not too late:)]

The youth leaders have been planning and working hard towards ensuring that we reach out to many of the youth in our church and also outside. Our meetings will be very different and engaging for all to come, learn and grow from.

We will be having exaltation services, guest speakers, outings, and more!

Being ablaze for Christ can be expressed in several ways – and we thoroughly look forward to what 2017 has in store for us! Stay blessed – and on fire for God!



A4C team x

‘Be a good Christian’ – why can’t I just be a good person?

They say be a good Christian…. why can’t I just be a good person?

Is that not good enough for god? Why can’t my good morals be god enough?

What is a Christian?

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Ever asked yourself; ‘what is my purpose?’

We spoke in our meeting on Friday 6th May about Purpose, which can be defined as:

– the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
– a person’s sense of resolve or determination.
Purpose is such a broad term which led to very different and personal experiences based on how each of us look at our purposes in life.

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